Find your local Pizza Hut Number!

You can find Pizza Hut numbers typically by viewing some of the Pizza Huts listed on this page. This will give you the closest number for your Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut has recently created an upscale version of Pizza Hut called the Pizza Hut Italian Bistro. This was creatd and unvieled in fifty various locations throughout the United States. Unlike your traditional Pizza Hut the Bistros offer a new series of italian themed dishes. For example, the Penne pasta, Chicken Pomodoro, Toasted Sandwiches and other foods. Unlike the typical interior design of the black, white and red, the Bistro’s offer a higher class interior through use of burgundy and tan motifs. You can also get your traditional Pizza Hut pizzas at the Bistro locations. This removes the old red roof and brings to light a new dining experience.

Pizza Hut also introduced a new version of the Pizza’s around the same time frame known as the Pizza Mia. This Pizza Mia is a lightly topped pizza. This pizza targets the cost sensitive consumer and is priced closely to the Dominos 555 deal. Where each pizza can be purchased for 5 dollars if three or more are purchased. Pizza Hut offers this medium size hand tossed variation at only $10.24.