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Pizza Hut is a fabulous pizza restaurant. Let’s take a deeper look into Pizza Hut and its recent history. Pizza hut first created it’s very first ad, known as the Putt Putt to Pizza Hut. It started with a gentleman ordering a takeout in his beautiful 1965 Mustang JR to Pizza Hut. Suddenly people around town started to chase him down. Suddenly everyone started eating his pizza!

It was until 2007 when Pizza Hut generated its first slogan, “Gather around the good stuff” and then the 2008-2009 campaign known as “Now you’re eating”.

Pizza Hut doesn’t officially have a mascot, although at one time they did have a campaign in the United States called the Pizza Head Show. The commercials were aired between ’93 – ’97. They were based loosely on the character on Saturday Night Live from the 70s called Mr Bill. The ads showcased a slice of pizza with the Pizza Head. In the 70s there was a campaign with Pizza Hut Pete. Pete was on the bags, boxes, balloons, and even hand puppets for the kids.

In 1989 Pizza Hut officially sponsored Back to the Future Part I and gave away a free pair of futuristic sunglasses called Solar Shades with a purchase of Pizza Hut pizza. With the sponsorship came strategic product placement in the film itself.