Pizza Hut Deliveries

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Pizza Hut locations always deliver! You can find more about delivery and costs on links found on this page!

Pizza Hut was originally founded by Dan Carney and Frank Carney in their hometown of Wichita, Kansas. At that time delivery was only a twinkle in their eye. A friend suggested that they could open a Pizza parlor and they thought that the idea had merit and decided to borrow $600 from their mother to start the business with a friend John Bender.

They started by renting out a small building in downtown Whichita and buying secondhand equipment to begin making the pizzas. On their opening night they gave away free pizza! That’s how it all began.

During the 1960s Pizza Hut grew significantly due to the aggressive marketing. At that time the brothers purchased out hte remainder of interest by Bender and Robert Chisholm joined the company as treasurer. The 60s were a big time for Pizza Hut and they opened their 145 location by the end of the 60s.

By the 1970s Frank Carney decided that simply relying on data from the annual report to make business decisions wasn’t sufficient. They needed a more long term and effective strategy. The overall turning point occurred when Pizza Hut went public and the rate of growth blew up. Which is how Pizza Hut has shifted to deliveries.