Pizza Hut Pizza Deals

Pizza Hut Pizza Deals can be found by logging into Pizza Hut and viewing their online specials. Also keep in mind that your local paper and coupon saver will often have unlisted deals.

Here is an example of Pizza Hut Pizza Deals for my local location today:

National 10 Day Deal! – For 10 days only choose any 2 Medium Pizzas with up to 3 toppings for the incredible price of $6/each, every day!

NEW Big Italy Pizza – This delicious pizza is almost 2 feet long and has 18 slices! You can get it with up to 3 toppings for only $12 or a specialty at $14

Single Order of Baked Cinnamon Sticks – Add an order of Baked Cinnamon sticks for only $3!

22 WingStreet Wings and a double order of Wedge Fries for only $19

Family Meal Deal – Two Medium 1-topping Pizzas, an order of the WingStreet Wings, an order of the Quepapas potato bites and ranch dipping sauce! Or upgrade them to larges for only $2/each.

Large Pizza (up to 3 toppings) and an order of WingStreet Wings! – $15.99

Obviously deals and availability is subject to change. There are many great deals that can be had so be sure to check out your local papers. Pizza Hut is dedicated to advertising locally and in various other creative locations. For Example, Pizza Hut is also advertised in anime, in Maria-sama ga Miteru, Darker than Black, Toaru Kagauku no Railgun, and other versions of Code Geass.