Pizza Hut Pizza Prices

Pizza Hut Pizza Prices

Pizza Hut Prices change regularly but here are some generic pricing for their pizza and food offerings.

Large Hand Tossed Pepperoni Pizza – $12
Meaty Marinara Pasta (Serves 2) – $7.99 (5 breadsticks included)
Buffalo Burnin’ Hot Wings (8 piece) – $6.50
Stuffed Pizza Rollers (4 pieces) – $5
Classic P’zone – $5.99

As you can see, Pizza Hut Pizza Prices are extremely reasonable. Although there may be minor differences in pricing based upon location, they are nearly based upon the same national pricing.

Information about Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has introduced a fantastic product to the market with their Pizza’s known as the Stuffed Crust pizza. This is a pizza which outer edge offers mozzarella cheese as a filling in the crust! Yum! Other variations include the Hand Tossed, which is a mare traditional pizza crust. The Thin N Crispy, which is a thin, crispy dough like the original style offered by Pizza Hut. Finally there is the Edge Pizza where the toppings reach the edge of the pizza for even more flavor.

How does Pizza Hut come out with new products? Well Pizza Hut is constantly building new products and testing with the market. Less popular items are typically discountinued. For example the 2ft by 1 ft square pizza called the BigFoot, the 16″ New Yorker which was made with a sweet sauce, and the Chicago Dish Pizza and Sicilian pizza.